Dosing system of polyurethane seals


In 2012 "Zenex" purchased polyurethane seals dosing system. Seals based on advanced technology consisting of two components materials. This is a convenient alternative to glued seals or injection molded fittings. In many cases, this is only reasonable technological solution. The list of the benefits of using this technology is very long. Below you can find the most important:

  • excellent flexibility in production: every shape, geometry,
  • machine designed for various products,
  • increase enclosures IP,
  • perfect for short and long product series, special performance typical products,
  • good adhesion to parts, no moving, no fall out,
  • no connection slits,
  • good insulation characteristics, high resistance to weather and chemicals factors,
  • working temperature from -40°C to +80°C
  • quick processing of orders,
The arm of the gasket pourers

This machine have two removable, working tables. When on the first one the machine dosing the polyrethane seal, from the second you can download ready-made workpiece and prepare next one.
Maximum work piece dimensions:

  • axis X max 2500 mm
  • axis Y max 1090 mm
  • axis Z max 330 mm
  • minimum seal dimension : od 4 mm

If you require more information about sealing system or orders, please contact:
Phone.: +48 62 747 32 77
Fax: +48 62 747 78 77
Mobile: +48 691 756 370

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