ZvarTRONIC - Intelligent Thyristor Switch

May 2020
Zenex introduces a new Polish product. ZvarTRONIC is another element of the immediate reactive power compensation system fully produced in our company. Thanks to this we have obtained even better quality and competitiveness.

Hannover Messe 2018

May 2018
In this year we also took afford to present our company at the world’s largest industrial trade fair Hannover Messe. As one of the very few company’s we presented on our stand many products from our offer, like fully functional electrical switchboards. Additionally we enriched our stand for 4m long bus duct in stainless steel cover, based on Alcubar 1600A bus bars which were also produced in Zenex. In this bus duct we generated 2000A to show significant influence of the magnetic field of the conductors on the surrounding elements and convince the advantages of this solution in relation to the competitors.

The Zenergy switchboard system has been completed with cataloged offer for 4b form and also at this place we showed our advantages in the ease of assembly and disassembly of these additional covers . Also new are the recently developed AlCubar 50R and 100R bus bars, which enable unique way of installation the fuse switch disconnectors, directly to the bus bar groove with the M12 screw. It easy, quick and very economical solution. In result our stand were visit by above-average number of visitors pleasantly surprised by our unique solutions.

Information on changing the legal form of the ZENEX company.

October 2017
On September 24th 2017 company P.P.H.U. Zenex Zenon Krawczyk was transformed into Zenex Sp. z o.o. As result of transformation the name, VAT and National Official Register of National Economy Units (REGON) numbers has changed. Hover other data, like address or bank accounts numbers remain unchanged.

Company details:

ZENEX Sp. z o.o.
ul. Wiosenna 35
63-200 Jarocin

VAT: PL6172212642
REGON: 368580618

At the same time, we would like to inform you that in effect of transformation, all rights and obligations of a transformed company are vested to ZENEX Sp. z o.o..

Hannover Messe 2017

May 2017
This year for second time we were on exhibition at Hannover Messe. We realized that this would be our permanent meeting point with current and future customers.
Every year we acquire new, regular customers with whom we sign up cooperation agreement.
We would like to thank all visitors and customers for their words of appreciation for us, our products and invite for exhibition in 2018. For sure we present new products and even more interesting stand.

    Zenex explores new markets - Instrutec fair in Estonia

    November 2016

      The company successfully explores new markets, the countries of the northern Baltic Sea are another point of our interests. Therefore, in November 2016 we decided, together with our partner Finetrek OU we exhibited our products in Instrutec fair in Tallinn. So far, cooperation was limited to sales of reactive power compensation, mainly capacitor banks ZenMATIC. Despite the humble population in the countries of the northern Baltic Sea, Estonia is a rich country culturally, industrially and gives good sale potential of all of our products not only in this country, because it must be remembered that 26% of the population are Russians.
      Zenergy switchgear system with the AlCubar aluminum profiled busbars and fuse switch disconnectors proved to be very interesting. Also, despite the sale of more than 40 livestock units, of plug-in capacitor banks, probably to all major industrial customers in Estonia. Our plug-in system and Zvar capacitors inspired admiration and recognition, even among customers who already have our reactive batteries.
      Participation in the fair Instrutec, confirmed that the developed solutions are moving in the right direction, it gives us great satisfaction and further energy to work.

      Hannover Messe 2016

      June 2016

        More than one month has passed from our first presentation at Hannover Messe 2016. The period after the fair brought useful and fruitful contacts with new, potential customers. Their service has become a priority to seize the opportunity to establish new directions in our business.

        Most of the visitors usually represented switchboards producers or prefabricators, that is why the most appreciated were our profiled rails AlCubar with the possibility of installation in any type of enclosure.

        Our low voltage switchboards system Zenergy did very good impression among prefabricators. We have received a lot of praise about the quality and functionality of the system in relation to the well known global producers. We have signed an agreement for exclusive sale of our switchboards in Spain and also finished the negotiation with new partner in Romania.


        Udział w 42 szkoleniu technicznym wydawnictwa Wag-Tech

        April 2016

          W dniu 24 marca 2016 wzięliśmy udział w pierwszej prelekcji naszej firmy na temat „Nowoczesne rozwiązania w kompensacji mocy biernej”. Udział w wykładzie wzięli: Łukasz Krawczyk i Bartosz Domagała. Wykład dotyczył przedstawienia profilu produkcji i działalności naszej firmy, oraz omówił praktyczne problemy, z jakimi zmagają się użytkownicy w branży elektrotechnicznej. Dużym zainteresowaniem cieszył się nasz unikatowy produkt, jakim jest kondensator mocy biernej niskiego napięcia, z unikatową funkcją regeneracji. Zajęcie drugiego miejsca w konkursie na najciekawszą prezentację utwierdziło nas w przekonaniu, że użytkownicy utrzymania ruchu cenią sobie wiadomości na temat praktycznych problemów w branży elektrotechnicznej. Utwierdziło nas to w przekonaniu by kontynuować takie wykłady w przyszłości.

          Wykonanie wyposażenia stacji transformatorowej w firmy Kaczmarek Malewo Sp. j.

          February 2016

            W listopadzie 2015r nasza firma kompleksowo dostarczyła i wykonała na zasadzie „Zaprojektuj i wybuduj”, stację transformatorową 15kV / 0,4kV 2500A z transformatorem 1250A, w nowo budowanej hali nr 5 w firmie Kaczmarek Malewo Sp. J. Stację wyposażono w rozdzielnicę niskiego napięcia Zenergy z mostem głównym 2500A wykonanym na profilach AlCubar, produkcji Zenex. Zainstalowano rozdzielnicę SN typu RM6, oraz transformator Tricast 1250kVA firmy Schneider Electric jako źródło zasilania podstawowego.
            Zainstalowano rozdzielnicę SN typu RM6, oraz transformator Tricast 1250kVA firmy Schneider Electric jako źródło zasilania podstawowego.
            Linię kablową SN wykonano kablem XRUHAKXS 3x 1x120mm2 o długości 93m. Zasilanie rezerwowe, kabel nn YKY 5x50mm2 ułożony z istniejącej stacji transformatorowej hali nr 4.


            Trade fairs ENERGETAB 2015

            August 2015

            It’s our pleasure to invite you to visit our stand number 19 in hall E at new edition International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2015 which will take a place 15th - 17th September 2015 in following hours: 15th and 16th of September: 9 AM - 5 PM, 17th of September: 9 AM - 3 PM.
            Exhibitions grounds:
            ZIAD Bielsko-Biala SA
            Al. Army 220
            43-316 Bielsko-Biala


            Zenex produces profiled rails AlCubar

            May 2015

            As part of the continuous development produced more than five years Zenergy switchgear system, aiming to continually improve the quality and price competitiveness, our company introduces another own product. This system is profiled rails, coated in certain places with copper. Developed AlCubar rails are dedicated to our system, but this does not preclude the use of the distribution systems of other manufacturers. The system is available in four sizes current: 630A; 1000A; 1600A; 2500A. The main advantages of manufactured rails:

            Delivery length according to the order, so that the customer does not pay for waste.

            The patented shape of the profiles, as only allows the connection of flat copper on each side, causing the system is more flexible than any known solutions.

            The rails AlCubar
            • Price system goes up to 40% cheaper than alternative made of copper.
            • System weight lower by almost 50% compared to a solution on the copper rails.
            • Profile anodized aluminum protects against external conditions.
            • Using simple copper connectors minimizes system costs.

            Authorized Distributor of Hyundai Heavy Industries in Poland

            March 2015

            We are pleased to announce that company P.P.H.U. “ZENEX” Zenon Krawczyk, thanks to achieved turnover on Hyundai Heavy Industries products, become Authorized Distributor in Poland for sales and service of Low & Medium Voltage products.

            Hyundai Certified Distributor

            Zenex company starts production of low voltage power capacitors.

            January 2015

            Production of capacitors ZvarFrom the beginning of the new year, we launched a long-awaited production of low voltage power capacitors. Thus we become the only one Polish manufacturer in group of a dozen or so producers in Europe.
            The idea was born in 2009, at a time when our mass production of low-voltage capacitor banks ZenMATIC was already stable and well developed.
            Since the product was supposed to be innovative, despite the lack of sufficient knowledge, experience, technology and equipment, we decided to make it in our own company from scratch.
            We began over a five-year long difficult process of design, search for solutions and testing. Kondensatory ZvarBy design, the capacitors were to be with exceptional functionality and flexibility of use. So we analyzed all the pros and cons of existing solutions on the market. That caused not necessarily the cheapest ways to produce a capacitor.
            Our solution become the unique opposite of the standard construction, a low-cost 3-phase capacitor in an aluminum casing.
            Although more complex structure, and current small batch production, with high-quality raw materials used, successfully we have achieved a good market price, plus numerous of technical advantages. In whole this makes our product very attractive.
            For more technical details please see our website:

            Relation from POWER FAIR ENERGETAB 2014

            September 2014

            First of all we would like to thank all who visited our stand at International Power Fair Energetab 2014.

            We were visited by almost 200 customers, over a hundred new clients has established contact with us. In this year we presented three new product innovations:

            • As a direct importer we presented wide offer of Hyundai Heavy Industries products. Currently we create the distribution network in Poland and we encourage other companies to cooperation.
            • We have presented a new version of the plug-in capacitor battery, which will soon be offered as a standard solution in existing prices.
            • As an absolute novelty we presented capacitors from our own production. These capacitors are characterized by a unique design and functionality compared to competitive products, which resulted in a special interest of visitors.

            See you in the next year.


            Click image to enlarge.

            The introduction of a new range of HYUNDAI

            March 2014

            To meet the expectations of our customers in 2014 we are expanding our offer by entering the market a wide range of products in the field of industrial automation as well as apparatus for the distribution of electricity LV, MV.

            The scope of the offer includes:

            1. Modular Apparatus 1 - 125A, 1/2/3 / 4P, 6 / 10kA
            2. Compact circuit breakers 100 - 630, 3 / 4P, 36 - 100kA
            3. Breakers power 630 - 5000A, 85 - 150K
            4. The contactors 9 - 800A AC-3
            5. Thermal fuses and electronic
            6. Motor switch 0.1 - 80A
            7. Inverters 0.37 - 350kW
            8. Vacuum switches 7.2 - 36kV 3150A

            It is today an assortment of a wide range of Korean Hyundai being the world leader in shipbuilding, energy as well as in the car.

            The range of products we will gradually expand so as to be able to provide you with access to the full range of Hyundai electrical industry. We are a direct importer of Hyundai. Our goal is to provide our customers with the availability of products on the Polish market, service, warranty, and most importantly, full technical support.

            So far our advantage is the availability of products, also in this case, we will make every effort to ensure the continuity of supply to our customers from our warehouse.

            We invite you to cooperation.