Power Circuit Breakers

Wyłącznik powietrza i przykład jak jest on skłdany w firmie Zenex.

Our company is one of the few in Poland involved in the adaptation and sale of low-voltage circuit breakers in the field:

  • to 5000A series UAB, and UCB / UPB to 630A Hyundai Electric,
  • to type 6300A Masterpact NT / NW and Compact NS / NSX up to 630A made by Schneider Electric,

To meet the expectations of our existing and future customers we have invested more than 5 million PLN to create a permanent stock of these products at our warehouse.
For all marketed products we give full warranty and post-warranty service.

Additional support services:

  • measurements and protection settings,
  • changes in the configurations already working circuit breakers
    • (protection, drives, relays, Modbus communication, etc.),
  • emergency replacement of damaged circuit breakers,
  • repair of damaged circuit breakers

We offer fast availability, competitive pricing and technical advises at the highest level.

Wyłącznik złożony w firmie Zenex a na podstawie akcesori firmy Schneider.Wyłącznik powietrzny 2500aAnimacja jak wygląda składanie masterpack w firmie Zenex.

Circuit breakers, switch-disconnectors Masterpact NT, NW, Compact NS, NSX

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