Zenergy MCC

- Low voltage switchgear system (LV)

Zenergy MMC - Rozdzielnica niskiego napięcia

Zenergy MCC - Presentation LV distribution system

Zenergy MCC (Motorl Control Center) is a low voltage disconnection system for a wide range of indoor applications. The cassette structure allows for quick disassembly or maintenance of individual elements of the switchgear without switching the entire switchgear. And assembly of any elements: Power, Waste and Compensation. System components: Schemat przykładowoego modułu Zenergy MMC

  1. Vertical rail bridge to the size Cu80x10mm (1600A)
  2. Shutter Insulating IP-20
  3. Jaws supply cassettes
  4. Jaws drain cassettes
  5. Cable connection
  6. Jaws control
  7. Main switch cassettes - up to 630A
  8. Motor starter (contactor / soft starter / inverter)
  9. Signaling of the position of the cartridge: inserted / Test / Ejected
  10. Cassettes lock release button
  11. Lock with a padlock
  12. Key lock

The functionality of the system:

  • Suitable for mounting / dismounting cassettes while working the switchboard
  • Different destiny cassettes, eg: Supply / Drain / Compensatory
  • Locking padlock cassettes
  • Key lock switch in the off position, and the position of cassettes
  • Protection against ejecting the under load cassettes
  • The control circuit of local and / or remote
  • Easy to connect the circuit in cable compartment