Switchboards system Zenergy OM

Description and application

Zenergy OM 800A switchboard is a system of metal enclosures with class I insulaon. For power distribuon installaons, metering and control automaon, designed for curents up to 800A. Enclosures are mainly used in residenal, public buldings and industrial facilies.
Zenergy OM system bring many new possibilies, such as removable side panels. This allows configuraon changes in switchboard without punching side panels and addional cable glands. Such extenion can be also made duning switchboard operaon. The offer includes switchboards with protecon degrees starng from IP30 up to IP55. Installaon of electrical equipment and wires is possible directly on the rear panel of switchboard, so ll the end of cabling, or maintaince service, installaon of upper, or side panels and doors is not nesessary. All electrical equipment in the switchboard is installed on DIN rails and dedicated mounng plates, so that the extension of the switchboard is very easy and comfortable, moreover front covers are mounted directly on the side panels of the enclosure.

Besides of DIN rails and universal mounng plates, the offer include special mounng kits, dedicated for circuit breakers and switch disconnectors produced by Hyundai and other manufacturers depending of cumstomer needs. The kit include plate with mounng holes and front cover with hole cut out for device.

Drawing of a switchgear Zenergy OM

Advantages of the switchboard

  • 13 different heights: H = 550 up to 2150mm.
  • 6 different widths : D = 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200mm.
  • The maximum number of DIN 18mm rail modules: 624.
  • Combinaon of sets through expansion modules or middle upright, reduce the cost of the enre switchboard.
  • Degrees of protecons IP-30, 40, 41, 43, 44, 55.
  • Fully integrated system for compact breakers using mounng plates.
  • Zinc coated enclosure, powder paint coated RAL 7035, other colors available on request.
  • Reversible door (opening to the le or right), to be equipped with handle with key, or two independent rotary locks.
  • Possibility of extension without punching holes in side panels.
  • Maximum breaker in housing body W=400 up to 800A , 3P.
  • Removable plinth with IP-55 cable sealing plate IP-55.
  • Different top covers with covered holes for optional gland plates.