- Capacitor banks

ZenMATIC capacitors banks

During end of year 2014 Zenex company have introduce to market new type of Plug-in ZenMATIC capacitors banks. Soon this solution will be the only one type offered for internal capacitors banks in powers greater than 100kvar. For now Zenex company is the only one that offers Plug-in type of capacitors banks in standard, and the price does not differ from standard solutions of competition.

Battery Capacitor in the building.

The main advantages of this well thought out design are:

  • Improved installation, thanks to all plug-in compensation modules can be drawn out, then the enclosure are insert and connect to the main busduct terminals and the control circuits. After it all compensation modules are push back, and run capacitors bank.
  • Easy to maintain, because at any time, even during capacitors bank operation, you can disconnect the compensation module protection, and safely eject it. Thanks to it module review (cleaning, checking of the capacitors and contactors condition) It has never been so easy, and safe as now.
  • Improved cooling through the front ventilation of each module. The hot air outlet fan is located exactly between two separate chambers: capacitors and detuned reactors. That provides protection for optimum cooling of the most important parts of the capacitor bank. The capacitor battery Zvar with the case open.
  • In dependence of the step power level, if the capacitor bank has a main switch fuse disconnector / main breaker, and according to provided short-circuit currents, to secure compensation stages there are selected three types of protections:
    • For small power steps there are miniature modular Circuit Breakers, additionally secured by main fuse switch disconnector, or Compact Breaker
    • For capacitors banks without main breaker there are cylindrical fuse holders that provide highest short-circuit currents protection
    • For big power capacitors modules there are selected Molded Case Circuit Breakers that provide enough high short-circuit currents protection
    • All steps protected by breakers provide three-phase breaking in case of overcurrents. Thanks to it situation when fuse in only one phase is burned, and it may cause over or under-compensation is completely avoided
    • All steps protected by breakers can be installed with additional auxiliary contacts, that can be connected to alarm in case if capacitor step is turned off The capacitor battery Zvar without housing.
  • Our standard capacitors banks do not contains main MCCB, capacitor bank main cable connection is made through big copper flag terminals that are connected to main busduct. Still our capacitors bank are always prepared to optionally install main MCCB, with easy accessible extension terminals, without any modernization of capacitor bank. Standard control voltage mounting plate is also prepared to install on it main MCCB. The capacitor battery Zvar in a housing.
  • If our plug-in capacitor bank is designed as standard type (without de-tuned reactors), it always have separate chamber for reactor, and there is always possibility to install 7% de-tuned reactors.
  • Plug-in capacitors modules also meet functionality of Form 3a insulation, thanks to it service, and operation of capacitor bank is safe. Also any eventual uncontrolled damage will not cause further damage of other working steps.
  • Very short internal electrical connections inside compensation module minimize energy losses, also theirs arrangement and standardization provides high level of capacitor bank safety. The capacitor battery Zvar without casing from the top.
  • ZenMATIC capacitor bank provides high safety level thanks to double front doors, and plug-in modules with firstly disconnectable control circuits, before disconnection of main circuit. The capacitor battery Zvar in a housing.

Plug-in capacitors bank offer high power in compact sizes:

  • 650x600x1200 till 240kvar de-tuned 7%
  • 650x600x2000 till 480kvar / 1450x600x2000 till 960kvar de-tuned 7%
  • 650+150x400x1200 or 650x600x1200 till 225kvar Heavy-Duty 440V
  • 650+150x400x2000 or 650x600x2000 till 450kvar / 650+150x400x2000 or 650x600x2000 till 900kvar Heavy-Duty 440V

Capacitors banks in depth size 400mm are only in standard type, and there is no possibility to install optional de-tuned reactors, it is only possible in 600mm depth.

It is possible to design 2200mm high enclosure to increase power, that can provide more power in single enclosure, and be very competitive in price.

All ZenMATIC capacitors banks are produced in body of Zenergy switchgear system enclosures. This solution provides best technical compliance, and most economical solution. Zenex company adapt also our Plug-in capacitors modules to be mounted in other known enclosures producers, like: Schneider Electric, Legrand, Eaton, Rittal, Cubic…