List of offers


Network analyzers are used to monitor network parameters of electrical installations of low and medium voltage. Accurate and continuous measurement of voltage and current inputs ensure high accuracy of all measured parameters for a full range of analyzers. All analyzers are equipped with modern microprocessors with adequate computing power to provide quick display of measurement results and remote connection to their reading. They are equipped with communication interfaces, such as RS485, Ethernet, USB and other protocols to enable easy connection to other instruments, HMI and SCADA.

Dosing system of polyurethane seals

Zenex is also slush poliuretenowych seals of different sizes. With the gasket increases the degree of sealing IP housing. Poured gasket does not peel off from the surface as the other glued. They are much better suited.


The offer also includes solutions for the manufacturer of high quality energy products - Hyundai Electric. It is one of the leading producers in its field in the world. As a direct importer of this manufacturer, we are able to offer you very competitive prices for these products.


The M2I company is a professional company that has been dealing with the production and development of the HMI Operator Terminal and the Operator Interface Panels since 1999.

Power Circuit Breakers

Zenex is one of the few companies in Poland, engaged in the sale and adaptation breakers low tension. To meet the expectations of customers we have introduced supply of these products in our warehouse. This enables us to offer rapid availability and competitive price and technical support at a very high level. In addition, we are full of the SERVICE warranty and post-warranty service for these products.